Taking little steps.

Baby Steps

Taking little steps.

Every new year, billions of people make resolutions and jump into the year with excitement. They use up all their energy in the first few weeks trying to manifest results that should take some months and in some cases, even years to accomplish. When the adrenaline from the new year church service pumps through their veins, they feel invincible, powerful, unstoppable and rush immediately into action believing as they did the previous year and the one before: ‘this is my year!’ But as the weeks pass by, the adrenaline slowly loses its rousing effect on their emotions, reality hits them in the most unpleasant way and it seems as if it is taking ‘forever’ to achieve their goals; that is when many throw up their hands in frustration and revert to their ‘pre-new year’ lifestyle.

It is not easy to break out of the old into the new. Change is tough. Change takes time. Change is a process and should never be rushed. If you rush it, you could easily get overwhelmed and decide to remain in your comfort zone where it is safe and warm.

The secret to manifesting your goals is to take little steps with clarity. Not big daring, outrageous steps, but little steps that will be easy for you to take. The secret of success is starting small. When you start small and continue taking little steps each day, you will eventually arrive at your destination. We all remember this Aesop’s fable: The hare and the tortoise. In this fable, the hare had a bust of scattered energy and unfocused speed, but eventually lost the race to the more focused and goal oriented tortoise. Although the tortoise was slow, it moved with little determined steps in the direction of its goals and eventually won the race against a more formidable opponent. You can do the same.

When you take little steps, you remove yourself from feeling undue pressure. You move in the direction of your goals at your pace. Moving at your own pace keeps you in control of the process. You feel empowered each day as you move with certainty towards your goals.

It takes time to lose weight, it takes time to save money, it takes time to write a book, it takes time to learn to play a musical instrument or learn to use a software. Don’t rush the process. Move at your own internal pace.

Even as you read these lines, some of you have set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals for yourself. Life is a journey and I am glad to let you know that if you don’t achieve all the goals you set for this year, you can always complete them next year. You must learn to set goals that are comfortable for you to pursue and accomplish. You are not in competition with anybody but yourself. We all have different abilities and talents. For instance, it will be foolish for a non-athlete to attempt to out-run Usain Bolt, the world’s 100metres champion. It took him many years to develop his muscles to his present level of strength and performance. To attempt to do that my friend, will be a death sentence because your heart cannot survive such level of pressure. That is how we sometimes destroy our goals by rushing into them instead of moving towards them deliberately in wisdom.

The reason why many people get discouraged before the end of the first month of the year is that they set too many goals, too many tough goals, to be achieved too soon. When that doesn’t happen as planned, they get totally discouraged. They fail to factor in the fact that there would be hills to climb, mountains to circumvent, people to influence to join their team, difficult situations to unravel and money issues to resolve. When making that new year resolution, they trust that all will work out as planned, but sometimes it doesn’t. To be successful, you must learn to make course corrections quickly as you move towards your goals. You must learn to overcome the obstacles that of necessity must arise to test your mettle and the veracity of your commitment to your goals.

Some people take on goals that do not resonate in their soul, they walk a path that is alien to their beliefs and values. Sometimes, it takes challenges to make us reassess our position and realize the foolishness of our not-too-smart choices.

That is the reason why rushing into action with full force can be such a discouragement especially when you rush into a brick wall in the first few days of the year and you are shocked by the assault.

Instead of trying to save $50 each month, why not start with $20, then increase it as you feel more comfortable with the process? Instead of exercising for one hour, why don’t you begin with 25 minutes and increase the time gradually? Instead of writing a book in 30 days, why don’t you pace it and give yourself time to bring out the best within you? Instead of trying to build your home in six months why don’t you pace yourself to complete it at your own time?

The secret to your success is to take clarity inspired, strong, confident and easy-to-do little steps that lead you gradually and surely in the direction of the manifestation of your dream.


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6 responses to “Taking little steps.

  1. Sophia

    Thank you for this. The main thing that resonates with me is that life is not a competition with anyone else. God bless and kep inspiring you PG.

  2. myriam

    Thanks for your advice. on the spot! I made a resolution to cut all the sugar, biscuits and everything but at the star of the year I will postpone by a day and a day with no strength left to achieve all the big goals up till today i ate a biot of chocolate. But, after reading this I repented and I decided to do 15 mins sport activity in the morning and 10 mins in the afternoon at least for the 1st week and I will increase it by 5 mins on each side for another 2 weeks until I gradually enjoys it [after 3 months of personal training at home] like I just did for the first 15 mins. And only then I will attempt to take a gym membership at a club and I hope this time my money will not go wasted for non attendance and I will surely see results!!!



  4. Jephthah Sampah

    Thank you for your advice. Yes! you have change my attitude and increase my knowledge with this message. God bless you.

  5. joana yeboah

    God bless you

  6. James

    Thank u sir for that great nugget. Of a truth I use to wonder why I do fail sooner than I started, now I know better. God bless you sir.

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