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My Journey.

Praise George...looking Time Magazine-esque ;)

Praise George...looking ready for the cover of Time Magazine 😀

Writing my first book was tough.

I had always had this dream of being a writer. From as early as I can remember, I read anything I could lay my hands on: comics, magazines, novels, books, newspapers, the Bible. Anything I could read was game. Thanks to the books my mom and dad were gracious enough to bring into our home. My dad was also an avid read of Time magazine. 40 years later, I still read it. This was the foundation for my voracious appetite for information and knowledge.

After at the age of 10, I focused mainly on novels. I read huge, monstrous novels that seemed too big for my age and my head. I remember in secondary school, my friends spent their money buying clothes and shoes. I spent my money on books. If a thief rummaged my suitcase, he would be totally disappointed because all he would find would be books and drab clothes. I had very little interest in fashion although that changed after I realized the importance of looking good in attracting members of the opposite sex!

All those books I read and the millions of words I devoured began to percolate in my young mind and I began to see myself as a writer. I tried my hands on writing short stories but nothing ever came out of it. A short course in writing at the age of 17 laid the foundation for the next 3 decades of my life. It gave me the tools I needed to put my ideas on paper, although that didn’t happen until about 10 years later.

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Marriage is For The Mature.

Marriage is for the mature.

Marriage is a blessing.

It is a holy institution that launches your life into a totally new level of experience. It is a life-long commitment to someone you love and care for. To rush into marriage without proper preparation is unwise. To think that marriage is an escape route from loneliness is a costly mistake. To think that all marriage offers is sex and more sex is to live in a delusion that will break your heart. Marriage is a journey of discovery and it takes the prepared to go on this journey.

Some people in an attempt to escape from their boring, unhappy and failing lives make an ill-advised decision to get married. However, when they finally get into it, they realize that the battles you face in marriage are more than what you faced as a single person. Marriage is a completely new experience for the single person and you must be prepared for it.

Maturity has nothing to do with age. Maturity is your ability to handle the pressures, demands and responsibilities of marriage and make your marriage work. A 21 year old lady who is mature will get married before a 30 year old lady who still thinks like a child.

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Taking little steps.

Baby Steps

Taking little steps.

Every new year, billions of people make resolutions and jump into the year with excitement. They use up all their energy in the first few weeks trying to manifest results that should take some months and in some cases, even years to accomplish. When the adrenaline from the new year church service pumps through their veins, they feel invincible, powerful, unstoppable and rush immediately into action believing as they did the previous year and the one before: ‘this is my year!’ But as the weeks pass by, the adrenaline slowly loses its rousing effect on their emotions, reality hits them in the most unpleasant way and it seems as if it is taking ‘forever’ to achieve their goals; that is when many throw up their hands in frustration and revert to their ‘pre-new year’ lifestyle.

It is not easy to break out of the old into the new. Change is tough. Change takes time. Change is a process and should never be rushed. If you rush it, you could easily get overwhelmed and decide to remain in your comfort zone where it is safe and warm.

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