The Law Of Use.

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The Law Of Use.
One principle that will help you achieve more in the next 12 months is the law of use. It is a very simple but powerful law. It is so simple that you may not believe the amazing results that will manifest in your life when you apply it. I have seen the law of use work for me and transform me into an international bestselling author. It continually puts money in my pocket and expands my financial possibilities. You too can apply this law in your life and watch your life change for the better.
In Mathew 25:14-30, we read about the parable of talents. A man gave out talents to his servants and went on a journey. One was given 5 talents, another 2 and another 1. The servant who received five talents traded with it and gained five more talents. The one who received two talents did the same. The one with the one talent hid it in the ground, did nothing with it and gained nothing. When the man returned, he rewarded those who gained more talents and punished the one who refused to use his talents. There are a few lessons we can learn from this parable.

You have at least one talent in you
We all have been blessed with unique abilities and gifts. These gifts are within us. It is our responsibility to discover and unleash the talents and abilities that we have been blessed with. Unless you discover what you possess, you will not be able to make the best use of it. Some people stand on the sidelines of life and watch with envy those who have discovered and unleashed their talents. Jealousy is a waste of your time and emotional energy. The truth is that the talent you have is good enough to lift you to world class status if you put it to use. Look within you and discover the talents you possess. The help you require to take you to the next level in life is not out there somewhere, it is lying latent within you. Discover it and manifest your true destiny.

Your talent can be multiplied
Whatever talent you have can be developed and multiplied through use. The more you put your abilities to use, the better you will become at using them. It takes about 10,000 hours of use to become a master at your calling. When you put your talent to use, you will discover some other talent that you never thought you possessed. Talents keep manifesting in our lives as we put what we have to use. Even if all you have is one talent, as you apply yourself, you will discover new and amazing ways in which you can put that one talent to use.

Your talent will enrich your life
If you really want to attract wealth into your life, you should apply yourself in the area of your talent and abilities. It is okay to get a job but it is better to put your talent to use. A job gives you a salary but a talent gives you a destiny. A job ties you down but your talent totally liberates you to be all you can be. The wise have learned to find work that employs their talent. When you function in the area of your talent and ability, you will perform with excellence and that will attract money into your life. It is simple to make money, just stay in the area of your dominant gift or talent. Many people struggle in jobs that they hate because they have never really considered the possibility that they can be better at something else. If you feel stagnated or stranded, you should consider the possibility that you have not been putting your talent to work. When you put your talent to work, you will feel empowered and unstoppable.
I will encourage you to write a list of all the things you are good at. Rate them from 1 to 5. The talent which really brings out the best in you emotionally and financially should be at number 1 and the rest should follow. That first talent is called your Dominant gift by Dr Mike Murdock. This talent is what will help you harness the use of all the other talents you possess.

If you don’t use it, you lose it.
If you don’t use what you have, you will lose it. You will not only lose the use of that talent but you will also lose opportunities, relationships, material and financial wealth and a whole lot of other possibilities that come with the use of your talent. Have you ever heard someone say this: ‘I used to …….. when I was younger, now I don’t seem to find the time to ……..’

When you waste a talent, you waste a life and you put your destiny at risk.

The fulfillment of your destiny is primarily tied to the utilization of your talent and ability. If you refuse to use what you have, you will eventually lose it and remain at the mercy of those who have mastered the use of their talents and abilities. It is never too late to begin to utilize what you have. It is never too late to put your talent to work.
I have proved this principle in my life and I have come to understand that you and I are responsible for the life we live and the destiny we embrace. You can rise up from where you are in life and manifest a future totally different from your past as you begin to put the law of use to work in your life.



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  1. Unwaba Christian Ochogwu

    I’m overwhelmed with the imaginary loud voice sounding with echoes in this law sir! I can’t recover without actions. Thanks!



  3. you are the best sir. Please am in delta state how can i get your books to buy?

  4. gasto makoi

    Be blessed man of God

  5. Favour

    pls sir i have been trying to ask a very vital problematic question about my own talent. pls sir its very important. have not been receiving replies. where should I ask my question to get fast reply.

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