4 Steps To Success in 2012

4 steps to success in 2012

1. Assess your progress.

In the past 12 months, what have you accomplished with your time, talents, relationships, connections and resources? What have you produced in your life that has meaning for you? You may have accomplished certain things that made you look good in the eyes of your friends, family and colleagues, but does it make you feel good about yourself? It is important that you look back at what you have done this year and feel happy with yourself. If you are not happy with yourself, you should ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I move in the direction of my happiness and fulfillment?’ You can correct this error in the next few minutes and move in the right direction.

2. Accurately describe your NOW.

One thing you should never do is believe your own hype about yourself. Never lie to yourself. Many people lie to themselves continually about where they are in life. They have told themselves this lie for so long that they have come to believe it. The ‘facebook syndrome’ is a disease which makes people lie to themselves and begin to believe that lie because many ‘friends’ like their ‘lies’. Unlike facebook, life is real. Every lie will eventually be exposed. The sooner you tell yourself the truth above what is really going on in your life, the better for you. In what state is your relationship, your job, your career, your business, your finances and your spiritual life? Be very clear about where you are. This is the only way to move to where you want to be.

3. Align with your purpose.

Your life should be in alignment with Divine purpose and plan for your life. Life is not all about making money and acquiring material possessions. Life is much more than that. If you gain the world but end up losing out on your purpose, you are not wise. There is a reason why you are on this earthly journey. There is a reason why you have been blessed with your unique abilities, personality and opportunities. There is a reason for your being and it is more than making money. You should take your time to ask the Lord in prayer what your purpose is. Write down this statement of purpose and review it each time you receive more clarity about your purpose. For instance, my purpose is to help people discover and function in their calling. My life revolves around this statement of purpose. You should be clear about yours. Your goals and plans should revolve around your purpose.

4. Act on your dream.

Your dream will not fulfill itself. If you don’t do something, nothing great will happen in your life. You should develop a plan to accomplish your goals for the next 12 months. Wake up each day to pursue and accomplish this plan. Success is a daily process. My advice is that you do something about your dream or it may remain a mere wish. To make an impact in the next 12 months , you should step out with boldness and make a demand on life to manifest your dream. Success and accomplishment await you on the other side of action.



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7 responses to “4 Steps To Success in 2012

  1. Jessica

    Thank u so much 4 dis msg. It’s as if it was jt 4 me especially d 4th step. I pray God should give u more inspiration n strength so u can continue touching d lives of people like me. Hapi xmas sir.

  2. Myriam

    Thank you so much. was already thinking about a well-structured strategy and plan as I am tired to see the years go by and by. But, you said it soo well, perhaps with some sort of anointing. I have taken note and will definitely be putting this one in practice. It’s time to shine brighter and brighter… GOD bless you abundantly with your family. Happy New Year and loads of good things.

  3. Anita

    Good evening Sir, my name is Anita.I read a brief of your article on the net. It is so motivating, encourageing and inspirational. Please Sir, encourage me on my academic life. I have lost some tracks in life. God bless you.Keep the good work,Sir.

  4. sammy

    these steps have really change my life. may GOD bless u and forever.

  5. evelyn

    thx,they will change many

  6. Emmy Clergy

    I like this o o o.

  7. Pls Sir how can i achieve all these steps

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