Making Love Work.

Making Love Work.

First, learn to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot receive love. Loving yourself is fundamental to having a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

Bring something of value to the table. Before you complain that your partner doesn’t love you enough, ask yourself, ‘What am I bringing to the table? What value do I contribute to my partner’s life?’ A relationship is about making value contribution to the life of someone you are deeply connected to. Bring something of value into the life of the one you love to make it better.

Learn to receive love from the one you love. Some people give but refuse to receive love. For love to work, you should allow yourself to be loved by the one you love. Let down your guard and embrace love from the one you love. If you are afraid, suspicious, or arrogant, you can’t receive love and your relationship will not work. Be humble. Open your heart and let love in. If you don’t trust that your partner will be a blessing to you, then why are you in a relationship with this person? Don’t reject the little ways that your partner shows you love. Encourage the little things and your partner will get better at showing you love.

Communication is the key that unlocks the secrets to the heart. It is the pathway to the chambers of love. Learn to listen to your partner. Talking is good but listening is the key to connecting with the one you love. Communication is the key to deeper intimacy and connection. Set aside time to talk with and listen to your partner. If you don’t deliberately create time to communicate, it may never happen. Follow these keys and your relationship will move in the right direction.


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24 responses to “Making Love Work.

  1. myriam

    Greetings. This could have only come from the Spirit of God. no apologies. The first two paragraphs have more or less already taken place in my spiritual life and the last two are describing the state i was struggling with till i decided this morning to do just that to further my experience and encounter with Him. Wonderful – What a blessed day it’s been today! May God enlarge your coast. Thank you!

  2. Serwaa

    You always inspire me. Hopefully, when i am getting married, i would invite you. I always try to put into practice what you teach us.You are amazing! I believe God sent you for me! May GOD always inspire you to inspire us!

  3. thank you sir for all these. it’s helping me

  4. albert ucc

    i juz love dis man praise george. i read his book ‘is she d woman 4 me?’ and i juz loved it….man u ar doing a great job

  5. cynthia anagbogu

    i luv dis tnx praise,kip doin ur wonderful work God wil gve u more wisdom and undastnding 2 do dis work

  6. Iromara Hope

    Thanks for ur inspiring words of knowledge. I luv it

  7. Onyinyechi Onwuegbuche

    Your teaching inspire me,that loving myself is the first key to true love.

  8. B.bright

    You have been a blessing to many lives. May God bless you the more for this generation.

  9. Tks u sir! Ur books and the atticle u post has change me from nothing to something graet! More empowerment from GOD sir!!!

  10. Cosmos.A

    Sir can a distance relationship b fruitful

  11. daniels

    Pls sir I’m in a distant relationship, I love the lady so mch but we keep having issues every now and then.

  12. emmanuel joseph

    is it good to be far from ur partner? Has it any implication?

    • When you say ‘far’, what do you mean? How far are you talking about?

      • victor

        How can I keep and sustain a far distance relationship like port Harcourt to warri.My picture is not on her face book wall but has that of another guy.
        She only call when I call first.
        I have not really know why love her
        I feel she is truthful and social fun to be with.

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