The Law Of Consistency

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The Law Of Consistency.

This post is a chapter taken from my book: Success Mastery.

There is power in being consistent at what you do. There is power in turning your focus on one thing and pouring your very soul into it. All through this book, I have talked about consistency in different ways.

To be consistent at what you do is to stay with it until it starts producing results for you. To be consistent is to shut your eyes to other more attractive offers and do that one thing you set your mind on.

The reason why 20% of the population own over 80% of the wealth is because few people have developed the skill of consistency. Few people have mastered the art of sticking with one thing and doing it extremely well. Few people have learned to forgo the very attractive lure of the inconsequential or the quotidian and stick to what is vital.

I began my writing career about 15 years ago and it has been an interesting journey. What amazes my friends is how consistent I have been with my career. I have kept true to my calling and written about 50 books. My books are sold in several countries. Writing has been a very profitable career choice for me. There were many people who started out writing with me. They wrote a few books and got distracted by more alluring offers. Some of them got involved in get-rich-schemes which didn’t yield any results for them. Some of them strayed at the point when they should have held on and they missed the tide which could have brought them fame and fortune.

I decided to create a following with my books and I have achieved what many people said was impossible to accomplish. It is incredible how far you can go and how much you can accomplish when you are focused and consistent.

Writing was not a very attractive choice considering the fact that I had other gifts which could also elevate my life status if I was successful at using them. But I chose writing over other gifts because that was what I was most comfortable with. I developed my skills and I have been able to use those skills to create an amazing life.

One of the reasons why I love writing is that it gives me power to create riches on my own terms. I discovered that the market is no respecter of persons. The market only responds to value. When you offer the market value, you are rewarded with success. No matter who you are, if you bring value to the market, it will reward you with riches. Because I understand the principle which governs the operation of the market, I am confident and move towards my goals.

To be consistent, you should invest about four years in an endeavour that you have thoroughly researched and thought through. Ask a lot of questions from the experts in that field before investing four years of your life in it. When someone tells me that they made a career move or started a business, I ask them: ‘who did you talk to before you made that decision?’ Majority of them tell me that they took counsel with no one. They made a strategic life decision without consulting the wisdom of the experts in that field. That sort of recklessness will only lead to a path of frustration.

When you have clarity about your business or career choice, then make that decision and stick to it until it brings you the kind of results that you desire. Keep growing in your career and business by interacting with people who are doing well in your industry. Read books, attend seminars, ask questions from successful people. The more you know about what you do, the easier it will be for you to remain focused and consistent at it. It is focused consistency which brings positive results. It is consistency which rewards you with the success you truly deserve.



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2 responses to “The Law Of Consistency

  1. myriam

    Thank you Praise George for this priceless secrets. I may have well heard it elsewhere again and again but the way you narrate it or teach it is different. I was in a confused state when I stumbled on your teaching o clarity – Gosh. I am beginning to see clear NOW. May God bless you mightily with your family. My life will never be the same again. Thanks.

  2. Eture Andrew

    yes man, consistency is the proof of true discovery. It is the belief and the certainty that truely you know what you are doing. Man’s afinity and passion for his life course is confirmed by his consistent pursue of that career or vocation he identified with. The opulence, joneses and dividend of life responds to your level of consistency to your priority.
    God bless you sir for enlightening the populace with your sound teachings. May God’s revelation and inspiration be your daily meal. Stay enthroned man.

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