The Power of A Woman.

The Power Of A Woman.

It’s in
Her touch.
Her scent.
Her words.
Her eyes.
Her patience.
Her smile.
Her intelligence.
Her Drive.
Her beauty.
Her vision.
Her inner strength.
Her staying power.
Her intuition.
Her soft skin.
Her character.
Her sense of order.
Her peace.
Her zest for life.
Her faith.
Her love.
Her energy.
Her colours.
Her walk.
Her ideas.
Her passion.
Her humour.
Makes her irresistible to her man.~Praise George.



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5 responses to “The Power of A Woman.

  1. Sophia

    This is really nice. I feel like going out and celebrating myself with some exquisite perfume…or maybe a pretty top…hmmm.

  2. Wow! I’m really impressed by this post sir. I’ll look out for these & take advantage(positive) of them. Thank you sir.I’m always learning so much from you on relationship & business.

  3. Eture Andrew

    supperb post u know. May God help more n more 2 b a blessing 2 humanity. I vehemently besearch ladies n gud men hu realy want 2 marital bliss. God bless u real gud beloved.

  4. Oluseun odunayo lasisi

    Wow………… this is lovely. God will uphold you and your family, he will give you the grace to continue in his work. Above all you will make Heaven.Bless you sir.

  5. Osigwe Jane

    May God bless you and keep u and ur family. I pray dat all these shall not depart from and am asking God for d grace to possess all the above mentioned.

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