Good Friend. Bad Friend.

I am writing a book on friendship. I will share with you some traits of a good friend and a bad friend. If you want to read more details, you will have to buy the book when I release it in 2012.

You should learn to choose your friends wisely because they determine, to a very large extent, the outcomes of your life. Read on.

A good friend adds value to your life.
A bad friend brings you only problems.

A good friend is empowering.
A bad friend is disempowering.

A good friend tells you the truth.
A bad friend deceives you with lies.

A good friend encourages your vision.
A bad friend discourages you from pursuing your vision.

A good friend brings you opportunities for advancement.
A bad friend hides opportunities from you.

A good friend leads you on the right path.
A bad friend leads you down the wrong path.

A good friend is happy for your success.
A bad friend is jealous of your success and plans your downfall.



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3 responses to “Good Friend. Bad Friend.

  1. richard mammah

    would there be friends who are neither good nor bad?

  2. Marvel Adeyemi

    I like the last part: “A bad friend is jealous of your success ….” I will like to add that sometimes jealousy is subtle especially coming from someone you perceive as a friend. It takes discernment to take note of it and act wisely!

  3. kayaman

    i wil luv 2 hav 1 of dis

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