Understanding Love

Love is a choice.

You choose to love who you want.

You either receive or reject the love of another.

Love should never be under coercion.

Love should not be an act of pity.

Love should not be bought.

Love should not be manipulated out of you.

Love should not be blackmailed out of you.

Love should be given freely as an act of your will.

Love that exists mutually between a man and a woman is emotionally fulfilling. It is a beautiful and joyful thing thing to experience.

If you feel trapped, caged, harassed, intimidated, oppressed, gagged, subordinated, bought over, enslaved, manipulated or afraid there’s something wrong with that relationship. I am sure that you feel something. But whatever it is that you feel, my dear, it isn’t love.



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3 responses to “Understanding Love

  1. James Legend Blessing

    I like and admire you so much and hope to meet you one day. I want you to be my mentor. I read your book Action and it changed my whole life, thank you and God bless and empower you to do more than you are doing now.

  2. TamandA

    Its so very true…love is naturally not meant to hurt so if you cry more than you laugh its best to call it quits.

  3. Sophia

    Sir ur reali blesd nd ur write up is quite inspiring

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