The Power of Movement.

It was Isaac Newton who said that all objects remain in a state of rest or inertia until acted upon by an external force. These objects will also continue to be in motion until a force acts upon them to bring them to a stop.
If you remain in a state of inertia, your dream will never manifest or see the light of day. To become all you are capable of becoming, you must break the power of inertia and make a move in the direction of your dream.
When we take a step in the right direction, we will begin to see the manifestation of our dream.
Vision does not manifest it self. It needs us to DO something about it. Many have been sitting at the same position for ages expecting miracles to happen to launch their dream into the stratosphere. They have done nothing positive to move their vision forward. They have told as many as will listen to them that soon, their vision will manifest and change the world. However, the truth is that until we act we will remain frustrated and stagnated in a very bad place.
Movement is the key to your future. Until you move, nothing significant will happen. Movement is the key to birthing the greatness which lies within you. Movement is the key to becoming that great man or woman that you see within you. Movement is the key to releasing the mastery which you possess. Until you move, life remains at a standstill. Things are tough for some people not because life is tough but because they refuse to make a move.
No matter how powerful the engine of a car is, if it doesn’t move, it will never arrive at its destination. No matter how wide and strong the wings of an eagle are, if it doesn’t flap them and make a move in the direction of the right current that will lift it up to dominate the skies, it will never master the winds and the sky.
Today, I will encourage you to make a move no matter how small your movement may be. When you do one thing, you will set in a motion a force that will begin to turn the wheels of the machinery of your destiny. Success is a journey. If you don’t make a move, how can you commence your journey of destiny?



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3 responses to “The Power of Movement.

  1. Onyekachi

    Thank you sir, you have stired up what I Knew before, I will keep moving until I arrive at my destination.

  2. thank you for this word it has come at the right time….may God continue blessing you all the days of your you inspire us with these good words of encouragement

  3. daniel

    na true talk cos movement is d only key 2 success

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