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Good Friend. Bad Friend.

I am writing a book on friendship. I will share with you some traits of a good friend and a bad friend. If you want to read more details, you will have to buy the book when I release it in 2012.

You should learn to choose your friends wisely because they determine, to a very large extent, the outcomes of your life. Read on.

A good friend adds value to your life.
A bad friend brings you only problems.

A good friend is empowering.
A bad friend is disempowering.

A good friend tells you the truth.
A bad friend deceives you with lies.

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Understanding Love

Love is a choice.

You choose to love who you want.

You either receive or reject the love of another.

Love should never be under coercion.

Love should not be an act of pity.

Love should not be bought.

Love should not be manipulated out of you.

Love should not be blackmailed out of you.

Love should be given freely as an act of your will.

Love that exists mutually between a man and a woman is emotionally fulfilling. It is a beautiful and joyful thing thing to experience.

If you feel trapped, caged, harassed, intimidated, oppressed, gagged, subordinated, bought over, enslaved, manipulated or afraid there’s something wrong with that relationship. I am sure that you feel something. But whatever it is that you feel, my dear, it isn’t love.


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Listen to The Voice of your Gifts.

There’s a reason why you are restless and dissatisfied. There’s a reason why you feel you should be doing more with your life. There’s a reason why you feel you are bigger than where you are. Instead of fighting this restlessness and feeling of dissatisfaction, consider for a moment that it could be the voice of your future calling out to you.

We all are blessed with talents, abilities from God. Every man and woman comes into this planet packaged with certain powers that are part of their purpose or assignment on the planet. Your gifts have a voice. They talk to you. They steer you in the direction of their creative expression. A writer wants to write, a banker likes figures, a builder wants to build, a pastor wants to talk to people, an athlete wants to run, a singer wants to sing, a sales person wants to sell. Our gifts steer us in the direction of our ultimate fulfillment.

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Make Change Your Best Friend.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. It makes no sense to expect a different result while you REPEAT the same actions in your life.
I recently decided not to attend a National Book fair that I have attended for the past 7 years. I enjoy meeting people and talking about the impact my book has made in their lives. I enjoy talking with distributors and wholesalers who appreciate my contribution to their business. I love meeting friends and business colleagues at these book fairs. But this year, I decided NOT to attend because I want things to change in my life.
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The Power of Movement.

It was Isaac Newton who said that all objects remain in a state of rest or inertia until acted upon by an external force. These objects will also continue to be in motion until a force acts upon them to bring them to a stop.
If you remain in a state of inertia, your dream will never manifest or see the light of day. To become all you are capable of becoming, you must break the power of inertia and make a move in the direction of your dream.
When we take a step in the right direction, we will begin to see the manifestation of our dream.
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