Let’s Talk Money

1. Money is an important tool you need in life.
2. Unless you want to live with the primitive tribes in the Amazon jungle, far from civilization, you will need money.
3. Money comes to you as a result of engaging or exchanging your skills in the market place.
4. The more value you bring to the table, the more money you make.
5. If you love what you do, it enhances your productivity.
6. Money answers to creative work.
7. Money is attracted to who you are.

If you detest your job and hate the organisation you work with, opportunities for promotion will not come in your direction and in essence, money will not come to you.

Until you put your talent to work in an intelligent and creative manner, you will remain a wage slave who has no bargaining power and non-existent negotiating leverage in business and in the work-place.

Ultimately, it is the consistent use of your talent that will lift you to the top of your game financially, whether you are in business for yourself or you work with an organisation.

Work without adequate financial reward is modern day slavery. You have three options:1. You can do nothing and remain the way you are. 2. You can improve yourself on the job or 3. You can leave your present job and find better and more rewarding activities to engage your talents elsewhere.

Your boss is NOT your enemy. He/she is just doing their job. If you can’t bear to see them on monday mornings, either you man-up and quit the organisation or shut up, stop complaining like an educated slave and do the job for which you were hired and paid.

If you think like a wage-slave in your present place of employment, guess what, you will think like one in the next job you move to. The secret to job fulfillment and success is to change your thinking. Accept where you presently are in your organisation, then do the very best that you can to bring value that would be recognised and rewarded to the table.



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4 responses to “Let’s Talk Money

  1. edith

    May God continue to bless you and send more wisdom to you.I am glad i became your friend.

  2. Diceeta

    A great write up. Keep up the good work!

  3. Robert Mutune


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