For Single Ladies: Do You Want Your King To Appear?

Do You want Your King To Appear?
Crown Clip Art
Realise that YOU are a Queen.
Think like a Queen.
Talk like a Queen.
Walk like a Queen.
Dress like a Queen.
Comport Yourself like a Queen.
Act like a Queen.
Live like a Queen.
Manifest the Queen in you,
Then and only then will your King Appear in your life.

You should stop complaining about the Peasants you have been attracting into your life. They came because you ‘showed’ them that you were a peasant. But from today, every ‘peasant attitude’ in your life is eradicated. The Queen in you will manifest.

You cannot think like a peasant but expect royalty to be attracted to your mode of thinking. Trashy thinking attracts trashy thinkers. Don’t be surprised about the appalling state of that dude’s thinking…..he feels comfortable with your thinking that is why he is with you.

When your dress like a tart, you will attract a dog. All he sees will be ‘free sex’ calling to him. You cannot put yourself out there the way you do and expect a respectable man to be attracted to you. If you want someone who will honour you, start dressing to attract royalty.

It is an abomination for a King to be caught with a peasant. Peasantry repels royalty. Unless you change from within and manifest your royalty, your king will be repelled by you. Your goal therefore is to reach deep within you and pull out the Queen that lies inside of you waiting to manifest her beauty, brilliance, elegance, class, poise, spirituality and grace. It may take you some effort, but when your King eventually holds you, his Queen, in his arms, all that effort to improve yourself would have been worth it.


Please note that I have used the terms ‘King’ ‘Queen’ and ‘Peasant’ in this post as metaphors. 



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7 responses to “For Single Ladies: Do You Want Your King To Appear?

  1. Joan Mukisa

    Thank you Pastor George, this is thought provoking and educative! Please post more.
    Stay blessed!

  2. Hannah peter

    Thanks pastor, I am blessed by this and I will love to see more of it sir.
    Thank you sir.

  3. Diceeta

    Well said. Couldnt have been better written n explained! God increase yr wisdom, Sir.

  4. Amosu Evelyn

    I’m blessed by this. Thanks!

  5. Theophilus Riverson (Ghana, West Africa)

    Though am a guy, i am so much blessed by this because i belive that if i should also behave like a King I will attract the Queen of my life.
    God Bless you. Please post more

  6. Dymphna

    Hello Sir, i wish to thank you for inspiring my life. i am always blessed and challenged each time i read any of your articles. my prayer is that the Almighty Lord will continue to inspire you. thanks very much. God bless you

  7. Emma-nuel

    I like your articles. Pls forward me ur articles

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