Do You Recognize Your Helpers?

We all need helpers in our lives. To think that you are self sufficient and need no helper is to live in self delusion. You will connect with helpers through your relationships. A relationship which does not help you-either to be a blessing or be blessed- does not belong in your life.

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Helpers have something you DON’T have but desperately require in your life to move you to the next level and to fulfill your divine mandate. Your helper may bring revelation, insight, knowledge, understanding into your life. He/she may not be rich but may possess information that money cannot buy. There are MANY things that money cannot buy. Naaman the Syrian’s servant was not rich but she had powerful information about the prophetic ability Elisha possessed. She knew that Elisha could heal her master if only he went before him and humbled himself. If Naaman had rejected the counsel of his servant because she wasn’t rich, he would have remained a leper. May the Lord give us grace for humility.

Helpers connect you to people who have what you need, they open doors for you, clear the path before you, empower you, support you, uphold your hand in battle, strengthen you when you are weak. Helpers see what you cannot see because of your circumstance. The Lord brings such people into our lives to bring us Clarity, direction, revelation and accurate counsel that will break the chains that limit and contain us to a particular geographical location and to a particular people. Helpers come into our lives to liberate us from limitations and to become all the Lord has planned for us to be.

We need humility to receive the Helpers the Lord sends into our lives. It is tough for many people to just shut up, listen to divine counsel and pray about it. I have met people the Lord assigned me to be a blessing to but some of them were too arrogant to recognise it. Instead of trying to ‘prove’ something to our helpers, we should receive whatever help the Lord has assigned them into our lives.

If you don’t treat your helpers with respect, they will EXIT your life without accomplishing divine purpose. New helpers will not ENTER into our lives if we treated the previous ones very badly. Until we learn to recognise and treat our helpers with respect, they won’t be magnetised to and remain in our lives.

No matter how ‘big’ you are, you NEED helpers in your life. No matter how intelligent you are, you need helpers in your life. No matter how successful you are, you need helpers in your life. It is only a fool who says that ‘I am rich and I require nothing.’-Revelations 3:14-18. No matter how well you think your life is working, you still require helpers in your life. Be humble and receive them by faith.

To magnetise helpers into your life, you need to engage yourself in PRAYER. There are miracles that will not happen in your life until you learn to battle in the place of prayer. The Lord wants great things to happen in our lives but nothing happens until we pray. We have to pray with fervency and a sense of urgency. Call forth your helpers wherever they are on the planet and they will begin to appear in your life.

The Lord will send HELP into your life to help you complete your assignment. Pray that you will recognise your helpers when they show up in your life. We should stop struggling with relationships that are mentally, emotionally and spiritually draining.



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5 responses to “Do You Recognize Your Helpers?

  1. Naomi

    Great post! Thanks…

  2. Hi Pastor George,
    I agree that we need to be humble to our helpers when they appear in our lives. I met an elderly lady a few years ago who was clearly sent by God to help me in my life. But she was very set in her ways and didn’t mince her words when she was angry. We fell out a few times and I had to pray for forgiveness many times for losing, my temper with her. I also had to pray for patience and humbleness to deal with her. God used her to teach me those two qualities. I thank God that I persevered with her, despite the difficulties because I learnt a great deal about myself and in the process I helped her and she helped me.
    Thanks for this article. It’s needed because most of us think we can go through life on a one-man-band. Unfortunately, we can’t and we should pray for helpers because we need them.
    God bless you.

  3. Sophia

    Hmmm… Thought provoking. I’ve not been great with people helping me in the past. Always felt that I had to be the strong one.

  4. Lucy Boahemaah

    Hi Pastor George,
    i have a serious problem i want you to help.the problem is, a guy proposed to me a couple of months ago and i told him i’m not ready and the reply was he will wait when m ready. After 2 months i told him i’m ready and he said he is happy but he said for us to be committed to one another we should have sex which i refused.Days later he asked me whether we are dating or we are just friends cos we were friends for about 4 years now, and my answer was we are dating but he seems not to understand this just because we don’t kiss, have sex or hug but i have kissed this guy myself and he is still not satisfied unless we have sex and m confused. But i have already fallen for this guy and we go home together after work but we don’t stay close to each other. i have told him to give me 5 months but he is still not okay with that. please help me cos i love him already and attend the same church with him.


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