Set Yourself Free From Unproductive Friendships

There are over 6 billion people on the planet. Don’t allow an unwilling, unhealthy, unhappy, unproductive friendship exist in your life. Choose your friends prayerfully and wisely. Break-off destiny destroying relationships. What you become in the next couple of years is the result of the people you granted access into your life and allowed to influence you.

You don’t need everybody in your life. You need the right people for you. They may be many or they may be few. That is your personal decision. You should ensure that the people you pull into your circle of influence bring great value into your life.

I am setting myself free of every unwanted friendship burden, starting from all social networking sites to which I belong. If the friendship is meant to be, the Lord whom I serve will surely make it happen.

The scriptures declare that the earth is the Lord’s. It doesn’t belong to one powerful person or a group of people. No man or woman has the power or ability to control your destiny in Christ. Everyone you need to become what the Lord wants you to be will be supernaturally pulled and magnetised into your life by the power of God. Stop forcing unhealthy relationships which the Lord has not assigned in your life.

I am under no delusion whatsoever to think that I have been called to minister to all the people on my list. I haven’t and I possess no such power, responsibility or ability. However, those to whom I am called and assigned will ‘hear my voice’ and respond to the few things the Lord lays upon my heart to share with them. I don’t need multitudes. I need the right people who will receive from my ministry and enjoy the Grace of God on my life.





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4 responses to “Set Yourself Free From Unproductive Friendships

  1. Pastor Anthony Odita

    God bless you man of God for such a wonderful insight and remain bleesed. Pastor Anthony Odita.

  2. great stuff..and very true..educative and true to the bone!!!

  3. Joan Mukisa

    Am blessed by these sermons. I want to read more & more. Please keep them coming. Am one of the few that are enjoying the grace of God on your life. Thank you Pastor George. God bless you more!

  4. Nneoma

    Am blessed by this words,tnk u very much

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