Discernment and Obedience

In KINGDOM related matters, MAJORITY never carries the vote.
The only relevant vote is ONE-The Lord’s vote.
What the Lord says on an issue is FINAL.
Your PASTOR may mean well but his/her vote doesn’t count.
Obedience IS BETTER than giving a ‘huge offering’ in REBELLION.
Stand UP right now and DO what the Lord has been TELLING you to do for a long time.
Time is running out.

There’s a place where GRACE awaits you. There’s a place where WISDOM awaits you. There’s a place where ABUNDANCE awaits you. It is NOT your Pastor’s fault that your life is the way it is. It is YOUR fault. When you OBEY the Lord and MOVE from where you don’t belong, the Lord’s GRACE will FIND you.

May the Lord show us MERCY. Some of us are living way below what we are capable of because we are AFRAID of what MAN will say. We are tied down to the wrong church, job, relationship, environment and I dare say-some are tied down in the WRONG country! There is nothing wrong with these places in themselves but if the Lord doesn’t want you there, it is wrong FOR YOU. It may be right for someone else, but for you, it is just unproductive. When you do what has been laid upon your heart, your life will change for the best. For someone, the Lord has been telling you to MOVE to another country but you have resisted it. Your treasures await you in the place of obedience.

Right NOW, some of you are seated in the WRONG pew, listening to the WRONG pastor, mixing with the wrong people and located in the wrong place. The reason why you do not enjoy grace and see the Lord move in your life is because you are in the WRONG PLACE. Your pastor may be a combination of TD JAKES,David Oyedepo, E A Adeboye and Kenneth Hagin, but when you are NOT supposed to be IN that place, NOTHING will work for you. In Kingdom related matters, Obedience is ALL the Lord seeks from you.


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5 responses to “Discernment and Obedience

  1. Obedience is everything. You have succeeded in opening my eyes. You have given me a kind of motivation which I can’t resist. God had been telling me something about my mother. But I have been resisting it because I felt it was too big for me. Right Now! I will start something!

    Cyprian Udebuike.

  2. Amosu Evelyn

    There is a place God ordained 4 everyone that caters 4 ur spiritual needs. I’m sooooo blessed being there!

  3. Ibe Sophia Adaku

    Thank you so much. You inspire me.

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