The Gift of Work by Praise George

The Gift of Work cover

Aliya stirred. The morning sun slipped in through the window blinds and caressed her face. She opened her eyes, rolled over and muttered a prayer. The smell of flowers wafted into the room. She pressed a button and the voice of Asha serenaded the day. ‘Ojumo ti mo…’ she sang along in the shower.

She had a good reason to sing. She had a great job, did work she loved and was adequately rewarded for it. She slipped on her black pumps, adjusted her skirt in the mirror, applied some lipstick, smiled at her reflection, put some essentials in her bag, picked up her phone and keys and headed for the door. In her haste she knocked over a picture. ‘Sorry darling,’ she picked it up, kissed the smiling

face of her fiancé and placed it gently on the dressing table. ‘Let’s do this!’ she said with passion and shut the door behind her.

(Excerpted from The Gift of Work by Praise George)

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  1. Tayo

    Really nice cover! From reading your books, I’m confident this one will aslo make a big impact. Can hardly wait to get a copy 🙂

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