‘Muscle Man’ Wants To Marry My Daughter!!!

Once in a while, a reader sends a letter that makes it all worth the hours it takes to create books. This is one of them from a reader who identified himself as ‘Muscle Man’…

“I was going through some books in my house when I bumped into your book OVERCOMING MARITAL DELAY in my sister’s LIB. Having read a major part of this book, I want to know if you have a daughter cos even though she may not have as much knowledge and experience as you, I believe you must have thought her some vital things which will help groom her. In conclusion if u have any daughter at 27 years of age or below please give her to me  for wife. I know this sounds crazy but there are very few women who have as much applied knowledge as you. I am young as well but am blessed with wisdom”

The book he mentioned “Overcoming Marital Delay’ has been out of print for many months but after being bombarded with requests at the last CBAN book fair in Abuja last year and this letter, sounds like it’s time for it to make a comeback!



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2 responses to “‘Muscle Man’ Wants To Marry My Daughter!!!

  1. Tayo

    Too funny. Now I’m looking forward to reading that book! Great recommendation from MM!

  2. Chibunma

    i have had that book, ‘ overcoming marital delay by praise George’ for years now, I still enjoy every page in it as its never boring each time one opens it. That book has so much helped my life and as a result, I gave it to all my female single friends especially the born again ones. i seriously recommend that book to all Single ladies who are yet to read it. PEACE!!!

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