Clarity 2

To move forward with your life you need more clarity. To make progress financially and in your career, you need more clarity. The level of clarity that got you to where you are is not enough to move you up to the next level. To move up in lfe, you should get more clarity.

In Ecclesiastes 10:15, the Bible says that the labour of fools is unproductive because they do not know how to buy and sell in the city.
Lack of clarity will make you look stupid because none of your efforts will produce great results. Until you learn how to buy and sell in the city, you will not make economic or financial progress in life. To know how to buy and sell in the city is to have clarity.
Many people have no idea what to do, what next step to take and in what direction to move. They are stranded because they have no clarity. They are not ‘bad’ people, but their lack of clarity limits them in various areas of life. Without clarity, you will not amount to much. You may live a mediocre life that makes you look successful among those who have less clarity than you, but real success will elude you until you connect with divine clarity.

How do you unleash the power of clarity in your life?
One way is to start a regular routine of prayer. You may start with 5,10 or 20 minutes of prayer but it is the daily consistency that is important. Prayer will open you up to hear and see into the supernatural realm. As you pray, the Holy Spirit will reveal secrets to you and show you what next step to take. When you know what to do and do it, you become unstoppable. Life opens up to you and your dreams become reality.
You will manifest Success effortlessly as you walk in the path of clarity.


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  1. Nelson wleh

    I am greatful to God to participate on this website and appreciate Pastor George so much. I wish to have a time here and God bless

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