A Weekend of Impartation

Prayer for emotional healing at the DBC/NGCC on Sunday 13:02:11

Here are some pictures of Praise George at the recently concluded singles and married conference at the New Generation Christian Centre (Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th February 2011). Pastors Phillip and Brenda Ayree are doing a great work there!

Praise also spent some time with the wonderful people at Restoration Chapel preaching about a topic very close to his heart: Clarity. Pastor James Nanjo is at the helm of affairs there.

Praise George Speaking on Happiness and Values at DBC/NGCC London 12:02:11

Book signing at DBC/NGCC London 13:02:11

The book signing sessions also provided opportunities for one-on-one prayer and ministrations. Although the queues were long and thick, people patiently waited their turn to have their books signed.

It was heartwarming to be with a people who invest in their personal and spiritual growth through books, with some people waiting in line clutching up to 20 books!!!

Book signing and individual prayers at DBC/NGCC

Praise George preaching at Restoration Chapel, London 13:02:11


Book signing and personal ministrations @ Restoration Chapel, London 13:02:11


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3 responses to “A Weekend of Impartation

  1. Jo

    WOW!!!!! It was a time of impartation! Thank you for your message on Values and Clarity. Serious food for thought…a great time to go back to God in prayer so this can be my best year ever. God bless you sir.

  2. Your weekend impartation was wonderful.It is our prayer that the impartation will not only remain in your country but spread so far to our nation Kenya.We kindly request for a free offer of the books that you signed.
    P.O.BOX 2139,Bungoma

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