Talent Power by Praise George (FREE Audio Book!!!)

Click on the audio link to listen to the full length version of one of Praise George’s fastest selling titles, Talent Power: How to Leverage your Talent to Become More Financially Rewarding For You.

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Talent Power 


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22 responses to “Talent Power by Praise George (FREE Audio Book!!!)

  1. Guy

    Thank you P.G. for sharing,

  2. Leslie

    Hi, your books left a mark here, we shud really get more…(Zambia)

  3. Marvel Adeyemi

    Sir, your audio books are very propelling. You are a testimony of your scripts. keep the candle burning!

  4. praise Jesus!
    your books are awesome and they open up people’s mind starting with me. and may Jesus give u strength to remove malicious content in their minds and forming their foundations.
    I’m living in Tanzania I would buy books from your organizations but i dont know the place where i can buy
    can you help me with that.
    be blessed guys

  5. i have started a reading club and all my members are very happy to read your books. Thank for your good work!

  6. Sewuese

    This message is so on point! Is there anywhere i can download this cos il need to listen to this over and over again and let it sink in. Thanks.

  7. Favour Eme

    I love u book titled why are u not married

  8. Meya

    how or where does one buy your books. I’m in South Africa and have had no luck finding your books. i have a reader would love to buy one of those ebooks



    Life is hidden secrets and the secrets of talents is absolutely a way to leverage and financially my life will change.

  10. Halilu Muhtar

    Please where can i get some of your books in ghana (Northern region tamale)and your audio

  11. Afordoanyi K. M. Godwin - Christ

    Hello Praise George, your books transformed me dramatically, i am moving smoothly in all department of my field, especially RULES FOR SINGLE MEN, SOUL TIE, DRIVE, HOW TO FIND A GOOD WOMAN just to mention a few. I need more to read but cannot find…… JUST STAY BLESSED RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE . I LOVE YOU MORE.

  12. anudozie josiah chima

    May the good lord increase you in strenght.

  13. Arthur Njume,Cameroon

    George, GOD has used you to shape my destiny,your books are phenomenal. cracking the destiny code is exceptional. i sahred it with some of my students and our lives are now purpose-driven.thanks and God bless you

  14. Ibrahim Ayivorh donkor

    May lord bless you because true your books am rich

  15. This is a great reminder.
    Thank you sir.

  16. matovu Joseph

    Your books are so enjoyable and teaching. Keep up the spirit. God bless you

  17. Boyd Kaonga

    Thank you for the audio, I have learnt a lot on talent. I can assure you, I will have to pursue my talent of reasons and writing.

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